Why MBA? Why get an MBA? Best Answer for why MBA Interview/Essay Question

Why MBA? Why get an MBA? Best Answer for why MBA Interview Essay QuestionWhy MBA / Why get an MBA is very common question asked by the Admissions Committee either through essay questions or through interview. Before you think about how to answer a common question ask yourself why the interviewer has asked the question in the first place? I have explained below how to write/ tell best answer for Why MBA / Why get an MBA Interview/Essay Question.

What does MBA Admissions Committee want to know through “ Why MBA / Why get an MBA?” Question?

Through Why MBA / Why get an MBA question, MBA Admissions Committee wants to understand:

1) Do you have clear career goals and do your goals require an MBA? How does an MBA fit into your career goal or roadmap?

2) Are you aware of the skills and knowledge that you need to gain in order to achieve your career goals?

3) Do you understand that the various resources (curriculum, learning opportunities, clubs, etc.) available at the business school will actually fulfill your requirement?

Many a times, people decide to pusue MBA without really thinking/ knowing how can an MBA help to achieve their career goals. Whenever we think to do something, there are always reasons behind that. Similarly, when we got in mind that we need an MBA degree, there must be reasons for that. There may be various reasons, but there are two good reasons for doing an MBA: Career Progression, or Career Shift.

Career Progression: You are working in some area, and want to get managerial role/position in the same company. There are two ways to get it: First is to follow normal course of promotion, which takes more time, and Second is to use some shortcut way: i.e. get an MBA degree. If you wish to pursue MBA for career progression, then you have the best reason to get an MBA. I am saying this because getting MBA for career acceleration has added advantage: In post MBA job, your experience will be counted. You may get senior position based on your experience.

Career Shift: This is the second popular reason for pursuing an MBA degree. You are working in any industry, and feeling that your job is neither challenging nor rewarding. During your work, you realized that you are interested in some other area, and can do well in that industry. In this case, MBA may be shortcut way to change your area. However, this reason has some disadvantage: In post MBA job, your current experience may not be counted, and you may be considered fresher. Here, you will lose your experience.

When you go to pursue an MBA degree, you must make comprehensive opportunity cost analysis.

How to prepare best answer to Why MBA / Why get an MBA question?

I have explained you above what admissions committee want to understand through why MBA / why get an MBA question. Thus, the best answer to why MBA/ why get an MBA question will include answer to all the three questions posed by the admissions committee. You can prepare answer for why MBA/ why get an MBA” in following steps:

Step – 1: Identify and define clearly your Short Term and Long Term Career Goals.

Step – 2: Identify the skills and knowledge you will need to achieve your career goals. You can do online research or contact any good consultant or schedule informational interviews with Admissions Staffs to get such information.

Step – 3: Do research on various schools; find the various offerings by schools; and check whether the particular school can provide you the skills and knowledge required to achieve your career goals. You can schedule an informational interviews with Admissions Staffs to get comprehensive information about what they can offer you.

The best answer to the why MBA/ why get an MBA will include all these information. Your answer should not be common for all schools, rather it should include school specific information.

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