Neeley School of Business MBA Interview Questions: Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University: Neeley School of Business MBA Interview QuestionsI was interviewed for Neeley MBA Program on 10th February, 2017 through Skype by Peggy Conway, Director, Graduate Admissions at Neeley School of Business. She made me very comfortable at the start of interview. My interview was very interactive. She started my interview with following words: “You can assume that I have read your application, resume, etc. So when I ask any question you don’t have to start from beginning. After I ask my questions my last question is always “Is there anything that I didn’t ask you that you want admissions committee to know”. Thus, you have the chance to tell something that is important to you. Then, we will have time for your questions as well.” After this, she started asking her questions. I have produced below Texas Christian University: Neeley School of Business MBA Interview Questions that I she asked me:

Texas Christian University: Neeley School of Business MBA Interview Questions

1) As I said I have read your application materials, I have good sense of your work experience. But, I would like you to do is to call out to me you consider the single most important accomplishment you had professionally, and I want to know why that one thing stands out to you the most.

Follow up Question (Profile Based Question): So what you think was about you personally that allowed you to see the way you solved the problem and get it done in 25 days, whereas other people didn’t. What is about you that allowed you to manage the project?

2) I assume you know the people who are going to get their MBA in India or other countries. Think about them. I am guessing that they have lot of things in common despite they are from different countries, different professional background, from different industries, etc. The thing they have in common are they are career oriented, very motivated, and usually very goal oriented. That’s the question I have for you. I want you to tell me about your goal that you set for yourself. I am interested not so much in goal but in how you went about an action plan? What did you do to accomplish that goal?

3) I assume that you had a time when you may not agree with people in your team. We want to attract students who are very open and excited about learning from other people. So, I want you to tell me about a time when you worked on a team, and you had to change your mind/perspective because you learnt from a team member.

4) After you complete your MBA in two years, how will you evaluate if you were successful? In other words, what do you want to have accomplished or accessed by the end of your MBA. In long way, I am asking what you value in MBA Program?

5) Profile Based Question: What will you do to your ventures when you go out of country for MBA?

6) Is there anything that I haven’t asked you that you want admissions committee to know?

7) That’s all questions I have for you. What questions I can answer for you which will help you to decide whether Neeley MBA is good fit for you?

These are set of Texas Christian University: Neeley School of Business MBA Interview Questions that I was asked. All the best!!! If you are asked any other question, please share with me, so that I can include in the list.

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