Northeastern University MBA Interview Questions: D’Amore-McKim MBA

Northeastern University MBA Interview QuestionsI was interviewed for Northeastern MBA Program by Ernald Furxhi, Associate Director of Graduate Recruitment through Telephone on February 13, 2017. At the start of the interview, he told me that “your interview will focus on your resume. At the end, I will answer your questions what you have about Northeastern MBA Program”. My interview lasted for about 11 minutes only. I have produced below Northeastern University MBA Interview Questions that I he asked me:

Northeastern University MBA Interview Questions

1) Can you tell me about your responsibilities? You can highlight anything you are especially proud of.

2) Can you tell me little bit about why do you want to do MBA?

3) How did you hear about Northeastern MBA Program?

4) Do you have any questions for me?

These are the Northeastern University MBA Interview Questions that I was asked. All the best!!! If you are asked any other question, please share with me, so that I can include in the list.

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