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Sauder School of Business MBA Interview QuestionsI was interviewed on 22nd November, 2016 by Mischa Ragona for University of British Columbia: Sauder MBA Program. My interview lasted for 41 minutes. At the start of the interview, she asked me time at my place, and told that the interview will last for about 45 minutes. The interview was very conversational, with lot of cross questions to clarify points or get additional information. There were lot of questions specific to my profile. Overall, my interview was cool, and had great experience of being interviewed at midnight. I have provided below all the University of British Columbia: Sauder School of Business MBA Interview Questions that I was asked.

University of British Columbia: Sauder School of Business MBA Interview Questions:

1) Tell me a little bit about yourself (cross questions in between).

2) What do you like most about your role/job you have?

3) What do you find most challenging about the role you have?

4) Give me an example of a situation when you demonstrated strong interpersonal skill. What having strong interpersonal skills means to you? How have you demonstrated strong interpersonal skills?

5) What have you learnt about yourself as a leader?

6) What attributes do you think make a strong leader?

7) Why are you interested in pursuing an MBA? Why MBA now?

8) Explain me about where do you want to go further and project management goal you have.

9) What are Short Term and Long Term Goals?

10) If you wouldn’t achieve your short term goal, then what is your Plan B and ideas what might interest you?

11) What about Sauder MBA interest you the most?

12) For Global Immersion Program, this year cohort will go to India, London, Japan, and Chile. Which location interest you and why?

13) UBC MBA is 16 months, pretty quick, what three skills do you hope to develop in yourself post program?

14) If you think of experiential learning at Sauder, sort of case studies, group work, etc., what are the three skills do you think you are going to bring into cohort in order to enhance the learning of your classmates?

15) What do you think is your proudest professional accomplishment?

16) What do you think is your proudest personal accomplishment?

17) What do you see the biggest challenge during MBA journey?

18) What does your best friend say: why do they spend time with you? What are your strongest attributes?

19) What was your research process when you were looking at different MBA Programs for your applications?

20) Did you take interview with any of our representatives during your research process?

21) In your current role, are you more technical focused or client focused?

22) Can you share an example of when you experienced a failure, and how did you deal with that?

23) Have you been to Vancouver before?

24) In a day, how many airoplanes land at Vancouver airport?

25) What was the last book that you read, and what did you learn from that?

26) If you could meet the admissions committee with just couple of sentences about yourself, what would you say?

27) What questions can I answer for you?

Other University of British Columbia: Sauder School of Business MBA Interview Questions that were asked by other members of admissions committee to other applicants:

1) Why did you make the career choices (i.e. job switches, location switches, etc.) that you did?

2) Do you plan on staying in Canada?

3) What is something you feel you can never do as good as someone else?

4) How will you contribute to the UBC Class?

5) What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career?

6) What is something you expect to gain from UBC?

7) Since we are getting a lot of applications, what is something that makes you stand out from the rest?

8) What did you learn from working in USA?

9) Tell me a situation where you had to motivate people.

10) Tell me what kind of team member you are.

11) Recall a situation where you had to deal with a conflict and tell us how you handled it.

12) Recall a situation where you acted as a leader and solved a problem. What did you learn from it?

13) Some general question on the lines of ‘How would you find out the number of black cars on road in India?’

14) One reason that we should not select you.

15) Tell us 3 key learning from your work experience.

These are set of University of British Columbia: Sauder School of Business MBA Interview Questions that were asked to many applicants. If you are prepared well for these questions, I think you will enjoy your interview. All the best!!! If you are asked any other question, please share with me, so that I can include in the list.

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