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Simon School of Business MBA Interview Questions I was interviewed for University of Rochester: Simon MBA Program on 15th November, 2016. I was interviewed through Skype by Jennifer from the admissions committee. It was pretty relaxed interview. She made it quite clear in the beginning itself that it was a blind interview. She informed me that she had briefly gone through only my resume. Till my interview started, I had no idea as to who will be interviewing me. My Simon MBA Interview lasted for exactly 30 minutes. The questions were pretty standard. If you are interviewing over Skype, make sure you initiate the video call at the scheduled time. I have produced below University of Rochester: Simon School of Business MBA Interview Questions, which I was asked.

University of Rochester: Simon School of Business MBA Interview Questions:

1) Tell me about yourself in 2-3 minutes touching upon your educational background, professional experiences and other activities you want me to know,

2) Tell me you main roles and responsibilities.

3) You already have one graduate degree. Tell me why another graduate degree? Why MBA? Why now?

4) What are your career plans? Where do you want to see yourself after an MBA from Simon? (Short Term Goals)

5) Where do you want to work geographically after MBA: USA or back to India?

6) Did you travel outside India? Have you visited US before?

7) What are your Long Term goals (after 10 or 15 years after you graduate)?

8) Why Simon?

9) Tell me your top two strengths that you will bring to the program.

10) Tell me the areas that you need to improve on your profile during MBA Program.

11) There are number of applicants come from similar background as yours and with identical career goals. What differentiates you?

12) Now, she asked me to type the answer of a question in Skype messaging window. She turned off video and typed “what role do you play in group or team environment (Leader or Team Player)?” She allowed me 3 minutes time to type my answer. When 1 minute was left, she informed me.

13) In the process of applying to business school, tell me one thing you are most excited about or one thing you are most anxious or nervous about.

14) Do you have any questions for me?

Other University of Rochester: Simon School of Business MBA Interview Questions that were asked by other members of admissions committee to other applicants:

1) What can you contribute to Simon?

2) Do you have any cross-cultural/international experience?

3) What skills or personal development are you looking for through the MBA at Simon?

4) What differentiates you and makes you better than anyone else applying?

5) What was most important to you when choosing schools to apply to?

6) What will the determining factor(s) be if you are offered acceptance letters from all of your schools?

7) How have you lead in a group and what style would you say your leadership was?

8) How do you define success? Or, what would make you feel like you had a successful career after looking back on it?

9) Tell me an example of Ethical Dilemma?

10) What is your Plan B if your Short Term goals are not met?

11) According to you, what is the weakness in your application?

12) Where did you learn about Simon?

13) How would you explain to an employer why you have held X jobs in Y years?

14) If I were to put you in front of the AdCom right now, what would you want to highlight about your candidacy?

15) How well prepared are you for the US life?

16) The AdCom picked up some points from what I just said and asked for more details like why you chose this major in university?

These are set of University of Rochester: Simon School of Business MBA Interview Questions that were asked to many applicants. I suggest you to practice your answers well for these questions. Most probably, you will be asked questions from these only. If you are prepared well for these questions, I think you will enjoy your interview. All the best!!! If you are asked any other question, please share with me, so that I can include in the list.

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