Tippie College of Business MBA Interview Questions: University of Iowa

Tippie College of Business MBA Interview QuestionsI applied to the Tippie MBA Program through One and Done Admission Process. This is very unique admission round by Tippie College of Business. Under this, Admissions Committee gives their decision on your application within 24 hours of your interview. They waive essay requirement under this round. I was interviewed for Tippie MBA Program on 26th October 2016. I was asked standard MBA questions. It lasted for about 45 minutes. I have produced below University of Iowa: Tippie College of Business MBA Interview Questions:

University of Iowa: Tippie College of Business MBA Interview Questions

1) Walk me through your resume/ Tell me about yourself.

2) Why MBA/ Why do you want to do an MBA?

3) Why MBA now/ Why MBA at this point of time in your career?

4) Tell me your Short Term and Long Term Goals? How do they tie in?

5) Where do you want to work geographically post MBA? Would you be open to work overseas?

6) If you couldn’t accomplish you short term goal, then what is your Backup Career Plan?

7) Why Tippie MBA?

8) How would you add value to Tippie/ How can you contribute towards Tippie community?

9) Tell me an ethical dilemma you faced and how did you deal with it?

10) What problems do you find with your job?

11) If you were the CEO of your organization, what are the two strategic changes you would make and why?

12) Tell me about a professional difficulty/failure you faced, and how did you handle it?

13) Tell me one thing that you want to change in your professional life.

14) Give me an example of a leadership experience you’re most proud of.

15) Apart from your professional experience, tell me more about what you are passionate?

16) What challenges do you see during your MBA?

17) What will be the biggest challenge for you post MBA in the job you will land up in?

18) Can you tell me any incident of a leadership experience outside of work?

19) Why do you think people would like to work with you?

20) What are the characteristics you value the most?

21) Tell me one thing that can not be known about you from your resume?

22) Tell me one negative thing your boss/supervisor would say about you?

23) Do you have any questions for me?

These are set of University of Iowa: Tippie College of Business MBA Interview Questions that were asked to many applicants. All the best!!! If you are asked any other question, please share with me, so that I can include in the list.

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