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UConn School of Business MBA Interview QuestionsI was interviewed for UConn MBA Program by Senior Admission Officer Laine Kingo on 27th November 2016. She makes you feel comfortable. My interview lasted for 30 minutes. The interview was both evaluative and informative. In the first 20 minutes she asked traditional MBA questions, and in the remaining 10 minutes she explained structure of the Uconn MBA Program. Overall, my interview was cool. I have provided below all the University of Connecticut: UConn School of Business MBA Interview Questions that I was asked.

University of Connecticut: UConn School of Business MBA Interview Questions:

1) What have you been doing professionally in recent years, and why do you wish to pursue MBA degree now?

2) What is you Short Term and Long Term Goal?

3) What type of industry are you looking after MBA?

4) Share with me an example of team work role where you served leadeship role, and how you and your team together overcame the challenge?

5) We have students from different cultures, so what opportunities had you have to work with people from different cultures?

6) Share one professional accomplishment/experience so far which you say has advanced your career.

7) What about our MBA Program at UConn interest you?

8) We ask all our applicants for benchmarking who all are our competitors, what are the other schools are you applying to?

9) As your final statement, tell me what you think makes you strong applicant to our program, and what you feel you can contribute to our MBA class?

After this question, she explained the structure of the UConn MBA Program for 10 minutes.

10) Do you have any questions that I can answer for you?

These are set of University of Connecticut: UConn School of Business MBA Interview Questions that have been asked to many applicants. If you are prepared well for these questions, I think you will enjoy your interview. All the best!!! If you are asked any other question, please share with me, so that I can include in the list.

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